Wesley Korn: About Me

Well I suppose introductions are in order? My name is Wesley Korn and one day I would like to win the Pulitzer Prize in the area of Journalism. I am entering a new area of my life that seems oddly different from where I have been. I have a sense of freedom that I have never experienced before. My head is swirling with information from every possible direction and my opinions have never been so easy to formulate. Topics such as parenting, sports, politics , careers, finances, are all becoming formed by my schooling and experiences and its about time I shared! This blog is, first and foremost, a portfolio displaying my style of writing, but I also want it to be a place that I can use to share my views to the world. I anticipate posting on a regular basis about anything that might catch my attention, and I hope to gain a bit of a following in the process. At least some readers to keep me in line when I start writing a bunch of nonsense. One thing I enjoy more than writing is listening to the opinions of others. I cannot tell you the amount of information I have processed just by hearing other people discuss issues, ESPECIALLY Politics!

For those of you that would like to know, I will give a little background information about myself. I was born in Pensacola, Florida and I have lived there my entire life. I have a daughter named Addyson and a wife named Ashley and a cat named, er…well “CAT (it’s a long story). I hope that you all find my posts interesting and informative, and this blog will cover a VAST array of topics. I will list some of my contact information below for anyone connected to social media outlets. Thanks!

Twitter – @wesleykorn

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/wesley.korn


One response to “Wesley Korn: About Me”

  1. nhamilton50 says :

    Nice Blog! I take it you REALLY like football. : )

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